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Bálint Bajomi
Conservation biologist, journalist, photographer

Scientific research

I graduated in biology at ELTE University (Budapest, Hungary) in 2003, and currently I am a PhD-student at the same university. I am undertaking a systematic review of the success of endangered animal reintroductions. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has published in 1995 guidelines for managers undertaking reintroductions. Since that date, a large amount of scientific literature (more than 1000 scientific papers) has accumulated. By collecting, filtering and processing this literature, I am looking for new factors which should be included in the guidelines. Beside this research, I have written a detailed account of the reintroduction of beavers in Hungary. You can find here the list of my publications.


I work for the environmental and nature conservation portal since spring 2001. Currently I am editor, reporter and photographer of the web-site. I am taking part of the development of the site, the editing of incoming materials and I am writing articles on conservation programs and events. You can find here the collection of my articles (which are in Hungarian, but illustrated with photos).


I am involved in nature photographing since 1996. In the latter years, I take pictures for our web-site Greenfo as well. You can find my photo gallery here.


E-mail: bb (at)